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what does condo mean

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What's the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse. – What does this mean at the end of the month for you? A difference of $225,000 ( townhouse vs detached) comes to roughly $1,000 less in.

Does a condo owner have to provide an emergency key if the board demands it? – Question: We have a five-member board overseeing our eight-unit residential condominium building that allows rentals. possession of an owner’s key subjects a board to "disclosure," meaning that if.

What do Condo Fees Cover? – Money We Have – What do condo fees cover is a questions that potential condo owners need to ask. Find out everything you need to know about condo fees now.. Taller buildings usually have lower fees since there are more units which mean there are more people to split the cost with. Buildings with lots of.

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Good condo insurance coverage works with in tandem with the condo association master policy.. More coverage and a low deductible mean higher premiums.. While we believe it to be reliable and accurate, we do not warrant the accuracy.

When Condo Boards and Residents Clash, Legal Bills Mount – Even when assessments go well, the work does not always go smoothly. The board of the Dorchester, a condominium in Pelican Bay. Big-money battles also mean that some residents become innocent.

What does condominium mean? definition, meaning and. – Dictionary entry overview: What does condominium mean? CONDOMINIUM (noun) The noun CONDOMINIUM has 2 senses:. 1. one of the dwelling units in a condominium 2. housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units (as an apartment house) in which each unit is individually owned familiarity information: CONDOMINIUM used as a noun is rare.

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Ask an Art Critic: Jerry Saltz Answers Your Questions About George Condo, Online Art Fairs, and What Abstraction Really Is – Condo does have a feel for grotesque in human physiognomy. Abstraction creates patterns of meaning and its own extremely flexible intricate syntax. It is astral synthesis. 16. Abstraction teeters.

Condo hotel – Wikipedia – A condo hotel, also known as a Condotel, hotel-condo or a Contel, is a building, which is legally a condominium but which is operated as a hotel, offering short term rentals, and which maintains a Front Desk.

What, exactly, is a condotel? – Travel – Travel Tips | NBC News – What, exactly, is a condotel? Investment offers vacation lifestyle, chance at recouping cash. Building a residential condominium building or a new hotel is an expensive undertaking these days.

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Can condo and home owners associations use volunteers? – Q: Can condo associations and HOAs use volunteers. You also mention “other non-profits” using volunteers, but that does not mean that those non-profits do not face the same liability that we are.

Marty Kiar – Broward County Property Appraiser – Frequently Asked Questions ** ESTIMATING FIRST-YEAR TAXES – How can a new homebuyer estimate first-year taxes? ** FIRST-YEAR TAXPAYER – Why are my taxes so much higher this year versus when I purchased my house last year?

fha vs conventional loans 2015 FHA vs Conventional Loans: Which Mortgage is Better for You? – FHA and conventional loans also have different mortgage insurance guidelines. You will have to pay insurance every month if you are unable to put 20% down. fha loans. You pay two types of mortgage insurance on FHA loans. First, you pay upfront mortgage insurance. You pay this at the closing. Today, it equals 1.75% of the loan amount.