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Rules For Gifting Money For A Downpayment

With FHA loans, the entire down payment can come from a gift. There are no limits to the amount you can receive as a gift, according to Fannie Mae. If you’re putting down 20% or more on a loan that’s backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, it can all come from a gift. However, if your down payment is less than 20%, some of it has to be your own money.

Gifting money to a relative for a down payment involves a three-step process. Create a Paper Trail Before you make a gift donation to a family member, write a formal down-payment gift letter.

Down payment gift money for First Time and Repeat Home Buyers.. In addition, a fianc or domestic partner can give a gift. FHA expands the rules a bit, allowing an employer, charitable organization or government agency to contribute. There’s even a provision for a friend to give a gift.

Mortgage Down Payment Gift Rules If you’re looking to purchase a home, you probably already know that there is generally a down payment required before you can move forward with the buying process. You probably also know that there is a specific percentage of the overall amount of the loan the lender needs to receive for the down payment.

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But the gifted money doesn’t have to come from a relative. There are other acceptable sources as well. To get the skinny on this, you have to dig into the handbook. The official HUD handbook, that is. FHA down payment gift rules and requirements can be found in Chapter 5, Section B of HUD Handbook 4155.1.

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Gift Letter for Mortgage Down Payments – Download the Template Gift Letter. Get more information about the down payment rules

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Mortgage down payment is a bugger for a first-time homebuyer.It seems that the initial financial stab at home ownership is among the greatest roadblocks of owning a home, especially in high-cost urban housing markets, for which it may take a couple a decade or more to transition from renter to homeowner or to vacate their parents’ basement as they save up.